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euroShell Branded Network

Here at Discount Diesel we are always looking to ways to improve our service and flexibility of our network. Discount Diesel Fuelcards are delighted to announce that discounted diesel is available from all Shell branded sites nationwide.

Our aim is to always provide you with Quality & Convenient refuelling nearby - and throughout your operational area. With over 450 sites in our network on major trunk roads or motorways, our site network is the most convenient for all of your refuelling needs - so you and your drivers will never be very far from an Discount Diesel euroShell station

Fill up where you see the Shell logo - what's more our site network is branded so you know if you see the Shell Logo that you can use the card to refuel - this will make it even easier for you and your drivers to fill up saving you time and hassle trying to find sites as well as giving you the assurances of branded fuel in your vehicle.

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