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November 2011

Car buyers have come up a new tactic to save money on car purchases by leasing their next vehicle.

A survey by Carleasingplus.co.uk showed that a third of UK car buyers are considering leasing their next car to help save money next year. Carleasing.co.uk is a new website providing contract hire and leasing packages to individuals and businesses alike, quickly and hassle free. The research also revealed that consumers aged 25-34 are more likely to lease, with 39 percent considering leasing their next new or used car and 36 percent of southern consumers being more likely to lease a car, while those in the East Midlands being least likely with only seven percent of drivers willing to consider the practice.

Carleasing.co.uk also found that the most important issues for motorists when buying their next car purchase are cost of insurance, MPG and Co2 emissions. Shaun Armstrong, Managing Director of carleasingplus.co.uk, said: “For many consumers, getting a new car by leasing is better financially in the long run, than buying.

“Leasing allows consumers to keep their money in their bank and enjoy fixed costs each month. For the typical, non- business motorist who’s thinking medium to long term, leasing makes more financial sense than buying and owning.”

Concerns raised as traffic set to increase

According to new research from the RAC, the UK should prepare for an increase of four million cars in the next decade.

The findings suggest that this increase could lead to a 43 percent rise in traffic volumes, with the highest traffic levels in the East Midlands.

The RAC claims “the Government has significantly reduced road transport investment because of the recession and ministers have not explained what plans they have to cope with the bleak picture painted by their own numbers.”

As the Government’s spending on infrastructure is being cut, with 96 unfunded road schemes still awaiting action by the Department for Transport, there are calls on the Government to review the road schemes in the UK. The news comes as another harsh winter looks set to further erode existing potholes making it more difficult for vehicles to travel.

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