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November 2011

Discount Diesel have been chosen by APHC Fuel Management Services as partners for their new fuel card scheme available only to APHC members. Launched this month, the scheme will enable APHC members to access our extensive network of filling stations that offer major price savings on petrol and diesel to holders of abbey fuel cards.

This exclusive scheme is the latest initiative from APHC designed to help members reduce costs and grow their business. APHC chose us as their fuel card partner due to the combination of our UK-wide network coverage, the ease and efficiency of abbey's service management, and the significant savings on fuel costs available with abbey cards.

Ignore the pump price

Discount Diesel's fuel cards enable company owners and employees to ignore the wide price variations that often exist at different fuel stations and in different parts of the country. Each Friday, members are advised - by SMS, email, fax or post - of the diesel or petrol price, which will apply for the following seven days. That price applies across the UK, wherever members' vehicles are operating, and will always be extremely competitive - usually below the posted pump price and often offering a saving of several pence per litre.

Easy access

There are three types of fuel card to choose from:

Keyfuels, which offers fixed price diesel from over 1400 locations across the UK Texaco Fastfuels, offering both discounted petrol and diesel from approx 1500 Texaco Service Stations Nationwide. Euroshell, which covers 1/3 of the UK motorway service areas, plus sites on major trunk roads.

Members simply select the card that suits their company best. There is a convenient and extensive network of filling stations giving access to cheaper fuel in all parts of the country. Participating filling stations include major brand sites (Shell, Esso or Texaco for example), motorway services, supermarket forecourts, and independent service stations.

Simple administration and enhanced security

A fuel card scheme with abbey is extremely easy to administer. Employers receive a weekly invoice by post or email. This will include full details of all transactions, which may be listed by card, driver or vehicle. Mileage can also be recorded if you wish.

On top of fuel price savings, members also save with interest free credit: With weekly invoicing and payment terms of 14 days, members can gain up 21 days interest free credit on fuel.

Abbey membership also ensures outstanding service. For example, in the case of lost or stolen cards, or if a driver leaves employment, the card can be stopped almost immediately. And, where appropriate, replacement cards issued within three days.

Abbey cards can be allocated to a vehicle , driver or owner-driver. The elimination of cash transactions and the limitation on purchases (i.e. fuel and oil only) provides much greater security - and ensures you will not get caught by new legislation now being discussed by the EU (see below).

Avoid EU penalty

A major European court hearing currently underway could make the abbey/APHC fuel card scheme even more valuable. The European Commission maintains that VAT should only be recoverable when a transaction takes place between two VAT-registered companies. This means companies operating a traditional pay-and-reclaim scheme will no longer be able to reclaim the VAT on fuel purchases - potentially adding thousands of pounds to annual fuel bills!

By using the abbey/APHC fuel card, members will be able to continue to reclaim VAT on business mileage because the operating company is VAT-registered.

Fuel card for everyone

The range of abbey fuel card options ensures a scheme is available to suit all types of company and fleet management requirements, from sole trader through to major haulier. Similarly organisations, working in partnership with abbey, can offer members a benefit that can save hundreds - even thousands - of pounds. In addition, abbey fuel cards put members firmly in control of fuel costs, with no complicated conditions or compromises. And with the highest standard of customer service.

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